If you are thinking about getting your Landscape company uniforms, you should consider some of these things.

 1. Breathable Fabric

Working under the sun can increase fatigue and hurt your team productivity. Garments that are not breathable traps perspiration, and it becomes nearly impossible for your body to cool itself. When looking for uniforms, it is important to consider a fabric that is both lightweight and breathable.

2. Light Colors

You might love how your logo looks on a black shirt. The downside is that dark colors retain more heat, and so you’d like to stay on lighter colors like whites and pastel that absorb less UV light. Therefore UV light is less likely to reach your skin.

3. Pockets

It is always useful for a shirt to have some extra storage. Especially when working at Landscaping, you never know what you might want to store on your shirt. Pockets are like having health insurance. You might think you need them until you do.

4. Your Logo on the Back and Front of the Shirt

If you are ready to invest in uniforms, don’t forget to put your logo in places where people can see it. Your uniform will give more trust to your brand, making sure you look the part. Also, it will increase brand exposure as more people begin to identify your business. Lastly, it is a great way to make sure your team always looks good.

Why on the back? Well, remember, this is what most of your customers will be seeing.

5. Long-Sleeve

Lastly, if your budget allows it, consider a long-sleeve shirt that can protect your team from UV exposure and help them stay fresh!

The uniform will not only look good, but it can be an optimal tool to improve performance. While many of these things can increase the price of your uniforms, they might be worth the investment to make sure your team has the proper equipment to succeed!