In need of some Plumbing Uniforms and wondering what should they have? Here we go over 5 key things that your uniforms shouldn’t miss having!

1. Breathable Fabric

We sometimes know the job requires some extra effort that leaves everyone drenched in sweat. Although this might not look like a big problem, the truth is that fabric that is not breathable will only make the job more uncomfortable. When thinking about uniforms, think of it as an asset to your team.

Garments that are not breathable traps perspiration, and it becomes nearly impossible for your body to cool itself. When looking for uniforms, it is important to consider a fabric that is both lightweight and breathable.

This will help your team stay fresh and dry during every work! (And smelling good)

2. Pockets

It is always useful for a shirt to have some extra storage. When working in plumbing, you never know when you need a flashlight to be in handy, a meter, or any other tool that can easily fit on a pocket shirt.

Pockets are like having health insurance. You might think you need them until you do.

3. Impermeable Fabric

Things can always go sideways in this line of work, and by this, we mean you might get wet. It is better to prepare for those rainy days (literally) by having clothing that won’t ruin your entire day. Impermeable fabric can guarantee faster drying, so you don’t have to stay the rest of your day wet.

4. Your Logo on the Back and Front of the Shirt

If you are ready to invest in uniforms, don’t forget to put your logo in places where people can see it. Your uniform will give more trust to your brand, making sure you look the part. Also, it will increase brand exposure as more people begin to identify your business. Lastly, it is a great way to make sure your team always looks good.

Why on the back? Well, remember, this is what most of your customers will be seeing.

5. Cool Designs

Make sure they not only remember you for your excellent service but for the cool shirts your staff was wearing. Leaving a long-lasting impression can be beneficial for your business and can help boost your employee’s morale. Who doesn’t want to look good when they go to work?